Customer Service Representative.

My time in high school

Attended high school in the

Overall high school experience
7/10. [High school name omitted] closed down, only went there of two years, had to transfer to [High school name omitted], which I didn't like too much.

Grades in high school
A’s and B’s.


Favorite subjects
Performing Arts, Choir with [Teacher name omitted]

Struggled with...
Math. Wasn’t good at it.

Favorite extracurricular

Life since high school

Everything seems to be ok.

Attended college / university at

Places lived in US
California, Texas

Current occupations / past occupations
Customer Service Representative.

Industries I've worked in
Retail and Merchandising Company’s

A little introspection...

To me, being successful means...
Having a good career in Customer Service or being a Customer Service Representative in Call centers.

My definition of success has not changed over time. 

My greatest accomplishment to date and what I’ve learned from it
Everything seems to be ok.

My biggest mistake or regret so far and what I’ve learned from it
I had oral surgery and went to work sooner then I thought, should have waited until I was completely healed.

My favorite spot in or around Palo Alto

Foothill Park. We would sometimes go there for Bar-bar Q's.