Life Is Too Short to Wait

My time in high school

Attended high school in the

Overall high school experience
10/10.  It was [high school name omitted]! Couldn't ask for a better school.

Grades in high school
A's and B's. I was in all the AP classes, but probably had a weighted 3.5 GPA, mostly B's with a few A's and C's sprinkled in.


Best subjects
English, History / Social Studies, Visual Arts

Struggled with...
Math. I just hate it. Where I excel at English I struggled with Math. But I had good teachers and I worked hard and got B's anyway!

Favorite extracurricular
Community Service / Social Activism

Life since high school

When I couldn’t take the politics of the corporate world, I switched directions. Went back to school and now I work with animals. Best decision ever.

Attended college / university at
San Francisco State.

Majored in
I majored in Journalism.

Post-graduate education or training
Went back to Community College at age 50 to get my degree in Veterinary Technology. Sat for the boards and received my Registered Veterinary Technician license.

Places lived in US

Current occupations / past occupations
I'm now a Registered Veterinary Technician. In the past, I worked in Sales and Marketing for Medical Device companies.

Industries I've worked in
- Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (e.g. Law, Accounting, Interior Design, Graphic Design, R&D, PR, Advertising, etc.)
- Health Care and Social Assistance
- Nonprofit

Did your education prepare you for your career or occupation?

Has your education or career/occupation trajectory ever changed? How?
Yes....when I couldn't take the politics of the corporate world, I switched directions. Went back to school and now I work with animals. Best decision ever.

A little introspection...

To me, being successful means...
Being able to work at a job you love instead of one that just "pays the bills".

My definition of success has changed over time. 
I used work in a career I hated for the money. Now I make slightly less, but I'm happy and enjoy what I do.

My greatest accomplishment to date and what I’ve learned from it
Going back to college at 50 in order to get my degree in a profession that I love. I learned that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. 

My biggest mistake or regret so far and what I’ve learned from it
Not spending enough quality time with my mother before she died. She died when I was only 25. I've learned to never take people for granted. 

An unexpected event that changed my life and how it impacted me
I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 32. After that fight, I learned how to live each day to the fullest and really appreciate life. I have since been diagnosed with cancer twice since then, and have had to learn just how strong I can be.

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My favorite spot in or around Palo Alto

Foothills Park