My time in high school

Attended high school in the

Overall high school experience
6/10. Everyone of any quality dislikes high school

Grades in high school
B's and C's


Best subjects
English, Foreign Language, Physical Education

Struggled with...
Science and math

Favorite extracurricular
Sports / Recreation

Life since high school

I only regret things I didn’t do and trips I didn’t take

Attended college / university at
Saint Mary's

Majored in

Post-graduate education or training
Le Cordon Bleu 

Places lived in US
Missouri, California

Places lived outside the US
London, Kazakhstan and Germany

Current occupations / past occupations
Executive Chef and later Managing Director of a large financial company

Industries I've worked in
- Accommodation and Food Services
- Management of Companies and Enterprises
- Finance and Insurance

Did your education prepare you for your career or occupation?
[High school name omitted] was not special or formative to me, Saint Mary's and LE Cordon Bleu were

Has your education or career/occupation trajectory ever changed? How?
I sold a successful culinary business and had to revert to my more professional education when I joined the finance industry

A little introspection...

To me, being successful means...
Happy and financially strong

My definition of success has not changed over time. 

My greatest accomplishment to date and what I’ve learned from it
My kids, and I learned their quality of life is paramount 

My biggest mistake or regret so far and what I’ve learned from it
I only regret things I didn't do and trips I didn't take  

My favorite spot in or around Palo Alto

The border as you transition into the next town