Still Searching

To me, being successful means...
Working hard at something you care about, genuinely caring about others and having others genuinely care about you, staying humble and curious, and making my family proud.

My definition of success has changed over time. 
I used to think that I would find a dream job and that I would find something that I was the BEST at. I had plans on being the next Mia Hamm, the next Hillary Clinton, or the next Tina Fey. But those people are so so rare and if we're being honest I'm not nearly talented enough in one aspect of my life to be the next revolutionary. I have passions, sure, but I also realize that if I were to become the next big revolutionary there would be a million different wonderful small achievements that would have to come first. Tina devoted her life to comedy, Hilary to politics and activism, and Mia to soccer. And they had a natural talent that they knew was their calling. I don't know mine. Maybe it will come later, but I'm ok waiting. Because there's something so refreshing knowing that I am the one that gets to decide what my calling(s) is/are. I'm only 22, and it's the coolest feeling to know that success is what I make of it. There's no wrong answer. My expectations of myself can often be the most rigorous, but I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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